Thursday, February 24, 2005

metapost--with added Hayek to enrich flavor

Posting has been light lately, because I've been working on my brief for Van Orden v. Perry for Con Law 2. I give oral arguments tomorrow, and then I'll be done with it. Normal posting won't resume until sometime next week, because I'm going to state wrestling to watch mis hermanos wrestle for the title. And then I'll need to spend a few days catching up with all the stuff I've been postponing in my other classes.

And I also want to finish reading Volume I of Friederich Hayek's "Legislation, Law and Liberty." I'm only on page 29 right now, and it's already in the top five of books I've read. The first chapter, "Reason and Evolution," should be required reading for political science or philosophy majors. Never have I seen such a thorough epistemological undercutting of modern liberal thought--much of it, Hayek shows, is based on a "synoptic delusion" which is "the fiction that all the relevant facts are known to some one mind, and that it is possible to construct from this knowledge of the particulars a desirable social order." This chapter is one of the most convincing defenses of deference to tradition I have ever read--and this from the person that wrote the essay "Why I am not a Conservative."

update: never have spicy chicken wings and fries covered in ranch, a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, ice cream with caramel, veggies and ranch, two fountain drinks and two pieces of cinnamon toast in one sitting. I mean, if you want to ever want to get up.

where were you on that one, Hayek? Huh? i'm dyin' here, man.


Blogger Logan C. Adams said...

I covered the Connservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) last month. They had a booth there with a ton of pictures that revered Hayek.

3:44 PM  

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