Thursday, February 17, 2005


I added a blogroll to the sidebar with some of my favorite blogs on it. Instapundit, the blogfather himself, obviously sits atop the column of links. If you want to be introduced to the blogosphere, he's a good guide. He is sparse with the commentary, but links generously and blogs prolifically. The rest of the sites on the list are the ones I check at least weekly, if not daily.

Or in the case of Protein Wisdom, hourly. I mean, check out this post. Genius. PW's often too ironic by half, but if you can get all the in-jokes it's, y'know, genius.

And if you take the comics as seriously as I do, check out The Comics Curmudgeon. Family Circle fan's need not apply. I mean, assuming they exist.

I'm not going to have much time to blog here, until about next Thursday, so take some time and check out the links. I'll link more blogs to the blogroll later, and I might add a local listing from K-State bloggers, when I get the time.


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