Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Dilbert on Diversity

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Diversity training is such a ripe subject for Dilbert, it's somewhat surprising that Scott Adams hasn't poked more fun at it--and even here, it is done obliquely. Diversity training would seem to fall under Adams area of mocking expertise; it's a horrible waste of time, intellectually inane, too "touchy-feely" and sappy, and, most appealing of all to Adams, the newest fad in managment.

Adams should be all over that. But there might be a few reasons why he isn't.
1. I don't think Adams actually works in a cubicle anymore--maybe he is getting distanced from his subject material and simply hasn't realized the rich material that diversity would provide.

2. Maybe he doesn't want to touch diversity training with a ten-foot pole. In the past, Adams has touched on controversial topics (admittedly, none come immediately to mind, but I'm sure he has), but diversity training might seem to be simply one thing you don't mock.

3. Scott Adams might be a partisan hack. This I really doubt, though. In his email newsletter, Dogbert's New Ruling Class, Scott was an equal opportunity offender around the election. From reading his material, no real world view emerges, except a serious loathing for faddish management strategies, cubicles, and all the other inanities of the business world.

But, either way, I hope to see some serious diversity training mockage in the future. Scott could be ground breaking, here. His comic is the best comic that appears in newspapers today (and I say this as a comic connoisseur). Were he to reduce diversity training to a punchline, which it so richly deserves to be, real progress would be made on MLK Jr's goal of a world where people are judged by the content of character, not the color of their skin. Posted by Hello


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