Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Green Bar Graph: "World Slowly Disappearing. Dibs on Mars!"

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Because you just looked like you needed another dose of frantic global alarmism. I like how every biome except (barely) temperate forest and woodland is being destroyed. What's replacing the destroyed biomes? Even desert is being destroyed! So much for the global peril of "desertification" I guess (remember that one from grade school? The encroaching deserts would cover New York in sand dunes by 2001, cause puppies to die of dehydration, and give nuns Indian rug burns.)

So what's replacing these biomes, of which most have had 60% or more in loss? A giant, sucking vacuum? Which, yunno, would actually be a huge problem. I hope, for the sake of mankind (and lemurs, those are cool too), that I'm misinterpreting this data. (found via PW).

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