Friday, April 08, 2005

Amateur Photography

I took a picture of myself holding the new EiMtHooDaISRDBYIsAIILERTBFOORIDKHETWWBISIWILoA award. You may also have noticed that I'm wearing my new Nike Frees in the picture. They're the best running shoes I've ever owned.

The award looks like a tree because I am really good at drawing trees, and I have no idea how to draw a diversity. I've expended thousands of words trying to define diversity and that has provide futile--so how am I 'sposed to draw it?

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Blogger Maves said...

The Nike Frees rock, but they are training shoes, not competition shoes, do some research on em, wearing them walking around is ten times healthier than running in them for some reason, but yes, i am in love, rad pic by the way

12:54 AM  
Blogger Maves said...

p.s. you are hilarious in ways that make me uncomfortable in public

12:56 AM  
Blogger Grant said...

I don't run in any competitions, just for fun. I like the frees because all of the splits in the soles make it feel like your running barefoot, but with a little archsupport. The shoes have very little support, but my runs are just between 3-7 miles, so it doesn't seem like it should be a problem.

1:58 AM  

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