Friday, April 22, 2005

metapost -- the "because I have better things to do" edition

No more posting for awhile, because finals week is approaching. Not that I'm going to be studying, its just that I have more productive ways of not studying. Right now I'm reading The Seduction of Unreason by Richard Wolin, a fascinating look at the link between fascism and modern relativist thought, such as postmodernism and deconstructionism.

Next on the list is Color Consciousness by Kwame Anthony Appiah and Amy Gutmann. Kwame Anthony Appiah is a Ghanaian philosopher at Harvard who, despite his liberal politics, has some iconoclastic things to say about race. I haven't read the book yet, but I take it that he thinks race an untenable concept inherently fraught with divisions. This doesn't stop him from prescribing affirmative action and such, but his reasoning is what I'm interested in.

So, posting will be light. Get some sun. I mean, geez, I can almost see your internal organs through your skin. How 'bout a little tan, 'mkay?


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