Wednesday, April 13, 2005

metapost "cheesy clip show version"

I have a tough test on Friday, and busy weekend coming, so I might be sparse on the blogging. So I combed the ol' archives for a few old posts:

1. Phyllis Bennis, Queen of the Moonbats.

2. Zomblogging!!! Zombies are always relevant. This is actually a journalistic rule.

3. My post-election Michael Moore pep-talk. They guy just seemed so down, yunno, and he was takin' the rocky road to another heart attack, so I had to help out.

4. An inner dialogue that would've better been left as such.

5. Abe Lincoln, revealed. Not literally, but kinda, in a Mary Cheney sort of way.

6. Fisking a letter to the ed.

update: fixed link to Abe Lincoln post. Because that's how much I care.


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