Friday, April 08, 2005

The Office

If you haven't watched NBC's "The Office" yet, watch it. Run, jump, swim, steal, answer riddles from a troll--do whatever it takes. I'm not sure why you would have to swim, I'm just saying if that comes up GO FOR IT.

I watched the diversity episode, and I laughed so much my ass actually disconnected from my body. It's like Dilbert and Office Space thrown in a blender with Steve Carell on top. Short of me seeing a cowboy suit wearing monkey lashed to a miniature dachsund at open house tomorrow (fingers crossed), this is the funniest thing I've seen in quite awhile.

That diversity episode is... is...*wipes tear from eye* sublime. You simply must see it. I give it the ... uh... what's the name of my blog at this minute... uh, "Creative Destruction" award for Excellence in Mocking the Hell out of Diversity as It So Richly Deserves, Because, Y'know, It's such An Inane Idea. "Let's Ease Racial Tensions By Fixating Obsessively On Race!!!" I Don't Know How Exactly This Will Work, But I'm Sure It will Involve Lots of Acronyms!

update: The Creative Destruction Award for EiMtHooDaISRDBYIsAIILERTBFOORIDKHETWWBISIWILoA won't be given out to terrorists, like the pulitzer, or flippantly, like the academy awards, of that you can be sure.

Because this award actually means something. Here, why don't you take four of them. For doing what you do.


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