Saturday, April 09, 2005

Rathergate was nothing compared wait, that sounds stupid

More on the CBS cameraman detained by US forces in Iraq with a look at a disturbing angle:

How much does CBS pay it's cameraman? Do they pay a set salary or per video provided? Or only if the video is usable by CBS?

Were any American soldiers or Iraqi citizens hurt or killed in any of the attacks videotaped by CBS' cameraman?

Does he in turn pay the terrorists - or is he simply one of them? If so, how do the surviving family members feel about CBS funding the attacks on their sons, daughters, husbands, or wives?

If this story moves in that direction, Rathergate will have been nothing. But it won't. If the story is not true, then obviously it won't move in that direction. But even if it is true, which of the major media outlets is going to report on it? Who knows how many are guilty of subsidizing terrorist attacks for news?


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