Saturday, April 16, 2005

REVEALED: Who will be the next pope!

I was eating with two of my brothers and my mom today at "Famous Dave's" barbeque, and we briefly got on the topic of where the next pope would be from. I mentioned Ratzinger's name, my older brother said it would be a German pope, and then I said it might be an African pope. Then, my younger brother said it would probably be a Jewish pope.

update: Burn! Classic Comeback! Your the insult master!

update II: Uh, the above update is from ATHF. Here is the context, although it will make zero sense unless you have seen the episode, it is nonetheless hilarious:

Vid. Game Guy #1- Hey, man! You stole my wristwatch.

Vid. Game Guy #2- You done already have a wristwatch. You dumb!

Vid. Game Announcer- BUUUUUURNED!

Meatwad- Ha ha ha ha, yeah! Burned!

Vid. Game Guy #1- I saw you looking at it!

Vid. Game Guy #2- Tcht! Yo mama you did!

Vid. Game Announcer- CLASSIC COMEBACK!

Vid. Game Guy #2- Yo mama! Yo mama! Yo mama!

(Other guy spontaneously combusts.)

Vid. Game Announcer- INCINERATION!

Meatwad- All right!

Vid. Game Announcer- You're the insult master!

Frylock- So, where's Video Ouija?

Meatwad- I'm done with that game. I talked to that ghost about his sister's baby for like 3 hours. Boring.

Frylock- Well, maybe there's someone else in there.

Meatwad- Yeah, his sister's baby. All you get in there is "wah, wah, wah" cause the ghost baby cranky.

Frylock- Well, you never know. Lets give it another shot, OK?

Meatwad- Uh, I don't think you heard me. I said NO!

Frylock- ...

Meatwad- Burned! I am the insult master!

Frylock- Meatwad, Master Shake is dead.

Meatwad- That's good.


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Blogger Grant said...

... Zork! Kapowza! Call it what you will, it spells money in the bank.

Lisa: whats zork?

Nagel: I didn't say Zork.

From the episode where Lisa and bart become anchormen.

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