Thursday, June 02, 2005

Moral Relativism at AI

Instapundit has a long post up about Amnesty International’s continuing shameful characterization of Gitmo as “the Gulag of our time.” Such a remark requires a truly breathtaking amount of moral relativism, liberally mixed with hysterical anti-Americanism, before one would even begin to think that such a comparison would be warranted.

The Gulags, representative as they are of the tragic, arbitrary death and suffering inflicted by the totalitarian communism of Russia, are one of the great tragedies of the modern era. Gitmo, on the other hand, is a Paradise on Earth for captured terrorists, minus the nubile virgins.

Deroy Murdock at National Review gives a small taste of what the “Gulag of our time” is like for those detained:
Troublemakers wear prison-style orange jumpsuits and mainly are confined to rudimentary accommodations. But those who follow camp rules wear white outfits and exercise seven to nine hours daily, often playing soccer and volleyball. In quieter moments, “chess, checkers and playing cards are the most requested items,” Rhem wrote. As for reading, “A security official explained Agatha Christie books in Arabic are very popular and that camp officials are working to get copies of Harry Potter books in Arabic.”
They’re reading Harry Potter? They're boarding the broomstick to hell with that one; Allah will not be pleased.


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