Thursday, July 21, 2005

The Fall of Man: a Rovian conspiracy?

It’s an old conservative saw that conservatives think liberals are wrong, while liberals think conservatives are evil. Wednesday’s Collegian contains a dramatic example:
Karl Rove, President Bush's puppet-master (his official title is Deputy Chief of Staff), is Satan.
And they get mad at Republicans for you using religious rhetoric. Also note the use of another common liberal meme: that of Karl Rove as grand puppet master. This belief often takes on comical proportions, placing Rove as the cause of events as varied as the war in Iraq and earthquakes in Iran.

Leftist’s fevered imaginings about Rove are entirely understandable, though. Republicans have rose to a place of dominance with him as a political advisor, whereas the most popular political advisor on the left, Bob Shrum is most notable in that he has not won a single serious contest. He’s advised the not-so-successful presidential campaigns of Ted Kennedy, Alan “Who?” Cranston, Dick Gephardt, Bob Kerrey, Al Gore and John Kerry. It’s no wonder they think Rove has supernatural powers; actually presided over not one, but TWO successful presidential campaigns!


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