Sunday, September 18, 2005

Galloway/Hitchens Debate

As you may know if you've read this site in the past, I'm a big fan of the "drink sodden" Christopher Hitchens. This man knows how to orate.

A couple of days back, Hitchens took on the vile George Galloway in debate. I say vile with no reservations--this man is objectively, even outgoingly, pro-fascist. He is a cheerleader for the insurgency in Iraq, and, well, just a vile man.

You can download the audio or video for this debate in the right sidebar here. Hitchens just destroys Galloway, mercilessly. If one wants to know how to debate, they could do worse than studying Hitchens performance here. Alas, his opponent, Galloway, rarely rises above colorful ad hominems delivered in a overbearingly loud, staccato tone reminiscent of a spittle-spewing Hitler.

A Run-down of the debate can be found here. And here is Hitchens take on it.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you do not get C-Span you missed a thoroughly enjoyable public brawl last night between a rockjawed mick counterpuncher, George Galloway, and a "sodden popinjay" (the mick's opening characterization of his opponent, Christopher Hitchens, who was, is, in fact a sodden popinjay, as well as an operatic Oxbridge rhetorician who customarily falls out for television performances in bizzaro costumes apparently fished from East Village dumpsters, himself terminally hung over and kept precipitously vertical by four or five stiff lines of coke). The mick, fresh from single-handedly laying waste to a US Congressional committee, performed the same service for Hitchens, the neutered former Trotskyist and neo-con apologist, that he did for the congressional buffoons who expected from him neither confrontation nor disrespect. Galloway's metaphorical knock-out punch came early on when he portrayed Hitchens as a perverse biological phenomenon , a butterfly who metamorphosed into a slug that leaves a trail of slime. The image was so apt, with Hitchens bulging like an overstuffed weiner from a cheezy, soiled, open at the neck designer shirt , that his every pronouncement thereafter seemed the mewing of an effete Wagnerian drag queen. I do not like Christopher Hitchens. When he has some simpleton for a foil he comes off as the consummately cruel bully. Last night, up against an Irish brawler who looked as though he enjoyed detonating explosives in Mayfair hotel lobbies, Hitchens simpered and moralized , even tossing some limpwristed threats at an audience that booed him far more frequently than they applauded. God knows he's an accomplished debater, one of the best I've ever witnessed. While watching him I was forced to admit that he was in fact authentic, an intellectual aristocrat, everything that William F. Buckley is not but pretends to be. But I did not shut the television off around midnight feeling any affection for Galloway, a species of political pit bull that any sensible progressive would do well to lead about on a short leash. I doubt minds were changed in last night's two hours of roundhouses and ripostes. Hitchens will never outlive the alliances he's formed with the Bush gang, just as William F. Buckley will always remain in memory as Joseph McCarthy's bitch.

8:09 AM  
Blogger Grant said...

Galloway had nothing but ad hominems (the "butterfly/slug" metaphor you mentioned) and facts he created wholecloth while wining and dining on the dime of dictators.

His performance was an embarrasing, startlingly animalistic one--like a badger trapped in a corner, biting and spitting spasmadically. Which, I guess, is a perfect representation of the Left he hails from.

9:17 PM  

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