Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Human Nature vs. Feminism Mud Wrestling Grudge Match


Human Nature: 1

Feminism: “Sexist!”

At Yale and other top colleges, women are being groomed to take their place in an ever more diverse professional elite. It is almost taken for granted that, just as they make up half the students at these institutions, they will move into leadership roles on an equal basis with their male classmates.

There is just one problem with this scenario: many of these women say that is not what they want.

Many women at the nation's most elite colleges say they have already decided that they will put aside their careers in favor of raising children. Though some of these students are not planning to have children and some hope to have a family and work full time, many others, like Ms. Liu, say they will happily play a traditional female role, with motherhood their main commitment.


For many feminists, it may come as a shock to hear how unbothered many young women at the nation's top schools are by the strictures of traditional roles.

"They are still thinking of this as a private issue; they're accepting it," said Laura Wexler, a professor of American studies and women's and gender studies at Yale. "Women have been given full-time working career opportunities and encouragement with no social changes to support it.

"I really believed 25 years ago," Dr. Wexler added, "that this would be solved by now."

How dare these women choose to reinforce phallocentric norms of childrearing by consciously submitting to a life of Stepford Wifedom. Surely there must be some law we can pass, some freedom we can restrict, SOME sort of social engineering we can institute that will stop these selfish twits from wanting to raise their own children.


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