Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Partial transcript, Student Panel on Diversity, UPC Lunchtime Lounge

Panel Member 3: ... and diversity with the inclusion of minorities.

Moderator: Next question. Do you think K-State Has a Diverse Campus?

Panel Member 1: Well, diversity and inclusion of multiculturalism diversity "Other" think outside the box Leadership Studies.

Panel Member 2: I agree, partly, except tolerance stereotypes harmony with the integration of inclusion.

Panel Member 3: Diversity.

Moderator: Okay, next, how far do you think we are on the journey toward inclusion?

Panel Member 4: Well, I think culture tolerance diversity privilege discrimination of the challenging assumptions and multilingual bilingualism.

Panel Member 5: To pick up where he left off, I would just say that the diversity tolerance community out of the closet and equality with the media images of minorities.

Panel Member 1: She makes a very good point. Society should be diversity harmony of the multicultural inclusion feeling welcome increasing enrollment for minorities and African-American diversity tolerance harmony inclusion diversity tolerance diversity diversity diversity.

Panel Member 3: Well said. I would just add diversity Leadership studies diversity.


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Yep, that's pretty much how it went.

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