Sunday, October 02, 2005

Anti-War fever...Catch it!

I didn’t write anything about the great Moonbat convergence on D.C., but I found a Reuters headline that perfectly sums up all the anti-war protests:

US finds fever bacteria during war protest weekend

Yeah. That might explain this:

(found here, h/t Mudville Gazette. Click to enlarge--er, or, rather, don't.)

At first I was alarmed by this picture: Once we’ve lost the Wookie constituency, we’ve lost the war—that's the lesson of 'Nam. The popular support for any war can be measured by the support among bipedal, lupine inhabitants of Kashyyk.

Like I said, at first I was alarmed. But then I realized that this particular Wookie is just batshit insane. Oh. From the article:

Small amounts of a bacteria that causes "rabbit fever" were found on Washington's National Mall last weekend as thousands of protesters marched against the Iraq War, U.S. health authorities said on Saturday.


According to the CDC's Web site, people can get rabbit fever by:

* Being bitten by a infected tick, deerfly or other insect

* Handling infected animal carcasses

* Eating or drinking contaminated food or water

* Breathing in the bacteria

I’d say the infected deerfly and tick population in that Wookie's burlap sack britches alone exceeds the larval boom currently happening in the festering streets of a fece-filmed New Orleans. That, and isn't “infected animal carcass” just a perfect characterization of the anti-war movement to date? Like, metaphorically?

But I don’t want to speculate on whether or not any contaminated food or water has been consumed, because, frankly, the image of these communists (I mean that literally—International ANSWER was the sponsor, remember) feasting on their fermenting, socially-conscious victuals—tucked conveniently away into some sweaty crevasse during the march—makes my mind want to vomit.

What are some of the symptoms of rabbit fever (besides hairy nipples and disturbingly-deep maroon rashes)? The article states:

Symptoms of the disease, which an infected person would have begun experiencing no earlier than on Monday, include: sudden fever, chills, headaches, conjunctivitis, diarrhea, muscle aches, joint pain, dry cough and progressive weakness.
“Progressive weakness”? Wasn’t that Kerry’s foreign policy? Hey, maybe he wasn’t a “cheese-eating surrender monkey” after all—maybe he was just a “contaminated-food consuming feverous rabbit.” Posted by Picasa


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