Monday, January 09, 2006


Jeff Goldstein on the confirmation hearings:

My take is this: barring some colossal slip-up, Alito is confirmed without triggering a filibuster—and that will be, in large part, thanks to a point made by Lindsay Graham, who noted that to call Alito a conservative who is out of the mainstream is to imply that those who vote for him (as the majority of Republicans will) are likewise out of the conservative mainstream.

Which, while I have no doubt this is what most of today’s liberal Democrats believe, I don’t think they’d be so presumptuous as to want to put on record that their entire political opposition—and conservatism itself—is a political philosophy that is too radical to exist in a country wherein its representatives hold the White House and both Houses of Congress.

Democrats are already found of using the oxymoronic phrase "radical conservatives"* (who, I assume, are people that radically keep things the way they are) so I guess it should come as no surprise that the party that won the popular vote in the last election and controls both the executive and the legislative branches is "out of the mainstream."

I have no prognostications on the Alito confirmation hearings--so I'll just say that it's pretty hilarious that ol' Ted Kennedy pronounced his name "Ali-oto." What a retread.

*update: I overlooked the possibility that "radical" might be being used here in the capacity of eighties surfer slang for "that's neat." So, to prevent misunderstandings, from now on, whenever you see the phrase "radical conservative" substitute in the less misleading "cowabunga conservative." Just trying to clean up the discourse here, folks.


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