Friday, March 10, 2006

Dubai-based companies get contracts from Pentagon

Time Magazine has an article about the existing deals with Dubai-based companies. Not only do they operate ports, but some are getting defense contracts, one "to be the prime vendor for maintenance and repair operations for troops in the U.S. Central Command region, which includes the Middle East."

The world is becoming increasingly globalized and interdependent--and this is a good thing. As noted in the previous post, free trade melts animosities between people. I have trouble seeing the Dubai ports kerfuffle as anything but an instance of small-minded isolationism and narrow bigotry.

I hate assigning base motives to actions, especially prejudicial ones--that is an old Liberal tactic, one unbecoming of libertarians, conservatives, indeed anyone that is a friend of thoughtful debate. But what else could be at play here? Simply because a company is from the UAE it is suspect? Is everything and everybody from the Middle East to be held suspect?

I just hope the repercussions aren't too serious for our Mid East relations, and that this isn't indicative of an isolationist, anti-globalization trend among the American population.


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