Friday, April 14, 2006

Does anyone else have this problem?

Not the itching redness, but the inability to articulate a cyclone of ideas?

Like, say you're talking to someone about a subject that you have thought a lot about and that is relatively complex. You have an idea you want to convey. But.

But the idea has qualifications. And ramifications. Implications. Not to mention presuppositions. And these also need to be conveyed.

The idea is a complex organic whole. To convey it accurately and cogently means to delve deep into ideas from the natural sciences, philosophy and history. Illustrative examples, helpful reformulations, and pithy summaries are also necessary parts so that not only the thought is conveyed, but also the understanding thereof.

But when you (and by you, I mean I) try to explain the idea to someone, every idea in the cyclone of ideas hits the fan at once, and it comes out something like "Burggle-spgagaklRRK!"

Being excited and interested about the problem only makes it worse. People NEED to know this idea, or so you (I) think, and so you must explain it. But its like trying to juggle fully filled cups of coffee. Ideas splash everywhere, examples end up dripping from the ceiling, and your poor interlocutor ends up scalded by a barrage of seemingly unrelated premises and conclusions.

Solution? How do you explain to someone that silence is the answer without disproving that silence is the answer? "-------------"

Now everyone shut up.


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