Monday, April 17, 2006

Evolution and Intelligent Design: An Attempted Synthesis

Okay, now the details still need to be worked out, but just hear me out.

Newly discovered fossil records show beyond a reasonable doubt that teaching Intelligent design has nothing to do with fossil records, doubt, or reasonability. It's a political question, see? And, being a political question, it deserves a political answer; a compromise that enrages both sides and ensures decades of future conflict while simultaneously distoring all political processes by its undue emotional gravitation (*cough* Roe v. Wade *cough*).

Therefore, in the name of mutually unsatisfactory compromise: We were intelligently designed by a group of omnipotent monkeys.

Perfect. It contains all the degradation of humanity implicit in evolution, with a dash of the doctrinaire obstinancy for which we've come to know and love organized religion.

Happy? You better be--unsettled vibes anger the Deichimp.


Blogger Axinar said...

Actually, I think I came up with an idea.

It is not an original idea - I got it from the Libertarians.

I have been going at it for DAYS with a group of Intelligent Design people on my blog trying to make some headway on why exactly they believe what they believe.

As per usual I'm making NO headway on this issue, BUT, what they seem to be saying is that this is not really a scientific issue at all but rather an educational issue and they almost seem to be implying that if we don't want to have our pockets picked to have someone else's religion shoved down our children's throats that they don't want THEIR pockets picked to have someone shove what THEY believe to be the "religion of evolution" shoved down THEIR children's throats.

From their point of view this may very well be a valid point.

That being the point, I think I agree with the Libertarians - there needs to be a wall between EDUCATION and state.

You teach your kids what you want, I teach mine what I want.

There - problem solved.

8:00 PM  
Blogger Grant said...

Oh, I agree, absolutely, their should be a wall between education and state. In theory.

In theory.

In theory communism works.

In theory.

Unfortunately, we don't live in a theoretical world. We live in this world.

That's the problem I have with extreme libertarianism (I do consider myself somewhat of libertarian, a libertarian-conservative)--libertarianism wants toward perfection; we are imperfect.

8:13 PM  

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