Sunday, April 23, 2006

The post wherein, judging the sub-par caliber of my enemies, I realize I can cease sleeping with a loaded shotgun clutched in my ever-ready hands, thus drastically reducing my chances of accidental death whle simultaneously extending the "Rapid Eye Movement" phase of my sleep cycle dramatically, leading to an overall increase in quality of life

I just realized that I’m glad to live in an age where Dan Brown is considered one of the greatest threats to the church.



Now, don't get me wrong, I consider hack-prose to be a leading cause of civilizational decline just as much as the next Joe-six-pack, but... Dan Brown?

I mean, it's not even worth bundling the logs for a heretic burning with that guy. Give me a Galileo, give me a Copernicus, whatever, and I swear, I'll bring the marshmallows. But Dan Brown? Puh. I spit on him. Or, rather, I would, if I thought he was worth the exercise of facial-muscles and the waste of precious ounces of mouth rejuvenator.

Mmmm.... mouth rejuvenator....


Blogger Logan C. Adams said...

I too have grown tired of everyone worrying about the Da Vinci Code. Our priest actually mentioned it today during his homily, although not by name, and implied it was a threat to our faith.


6:20 PM  
Blogger Grant said...

Yeah, dude, I was there. I think he’s taking the whole shepherd-to-flock metaphor a little to seriously. We’s not sheep; we’s got MINDS.

Sure, somewhere on the Earth there might be a person that’ll be convinced to abandon his faith because of the gospel of Brown.

This is the kind of person that writes in library books and doesn't turn right on red. Ask yourself, do you really want them in heaven with you anyways?

(sarcasm!—don’t stone me, people, I'm here all week! But seriously folks, do we have any Thessalonians in the audience?...)

9:56 PM  

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