Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Two abortion hypotheticals

Hypothetical 1: Given the increasing ability of medical science to save babies born more and more prematurely, what will it mean when "babies" (scare quotes used in the name of fairness to my INFANTICIDAL friends) are able to be "born" (DITTO) directly after they have been "concieved" (POSSIBLY UNNECESSARY, HERE).

Could abortion be outlawed on the grounds that a just-as-simple operation is available which won't involve the killing of the baby/fetus/OVARIAN-AGGRESSOR, but could raise the b/f/O-A outside the body? Or would religious elements object to the "unnatural" raising of a b/f/O-A outside of a biological mother?


Hypothetical 2: What if babies were injected into male hosts by females through the use of some sort of hypodermic, hollow spine—possibly attached to a whip-like appendage—with the babies then slowly devouring the male incubator from the inside out in order to acquire the necessary amount of protein to constitute their own exoskeletons?

Would feminists then seek to have abortion banned so that their scuttling brood might be safe in it's fleshy food chamber? Would randy frat boys be less likely to hook up randomly at parties for fear that their "Spring Break Body" would be endangered by the destroying pinchers of a thousand whatever-lings?


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