Monday, May 01, 2006

And then I respond: "Have I read Hegel? Heck, I don't think that Hegel read Hegel!"

My chances of ever actually getting to use this line may be slim, but I hold out hope. I'll be ready. Of that you can be sure.

update!: But seriously, the number of pretentious academiacs throwing Hegel's name around is far disproportionate from the number that have actually read Hegel. Which, I'll cut them some slack. The Phenomenology of Spirit appears to have been written by some sort of super-conscious Oiuji board. "So, the Absolute Spirit is guiding history from the subjective consciousness to an objectivity based on the universalization of morality through the State, huh? Well, that doesn't entirely answer my question about who my future wife is, but thanks, I guess."


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