Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Reflections on the Revolution in France, by the illustrious Mr. Burke, is, quite simply the best book ever written. (To answer to your accusing look, one needn't consider the Bible a book, nor, necessarily, as ever written.)

With every passage I read, I am stunned as if by the beauty of Helen, and am powerless but to seize it with all force, a thousand thoughts in close pursuit. Here is the seed of all political wisdom, the manual for the proper ordering of men--and all this arrayed in the finest of rhetorical fineries.

I'm trying to write a paper on Burke, but it is slow going--nay, it is not going. How to quell the uprising of thoughts each passage inspires? Ugh. So much work for finals, and Burke luring me with an apple from the tree of wisdom.


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