Thursday, June 29, 2006

My life described through anecdote--or, How I often prostitute out coherency for the sake of spinning a sweet phrase

"Innovation is fashion masquerading as reason."

I used this line in a paper I wrote today, even though it didn't fit well in the narrative of the paper or really add any meaning to the paper as a whole--simply because I think it sounds cool.

And, whatever sense this line makes in the context in which I used it in the paper (little to none), it does express, at least when rendered here in the form of a maxim, a thought with which I am in general agreement. To take a completely random example--oh, I don't know ACADEMIA--who an doubt that most pedagogical innovations are simply the prevailing left-wing fashion of the day?

Not me, if you were wondering. Not at all.

update: Did someone say "diversity"? Because I sure didn't, and I want to FERRET OUT THE BIGOTS.

update II:
"Diversity is vitally important at Kansas State University and it is fitting that we recognize our departments when they are successful in improving diversity," Provost M. Duane Nellis said.

Vitally important? Like, if we didn't have this piece of fashionable nonsense as a core philosophical pillar of higher education, we'd, like, crumble? And what kind of diversity are they talking about--because all they seem to be concerned about is melanin count. Yeah, that's important--I mean, in a kind of racial essentialist, pre-Martin Luther King, Jr. way.

I'm trodding old ground here, I know, but my hatred for the semantic duplicity of that word knows no bounds.

Diversity. What in the hell does it mean?


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