Saturday, June 03, 2006

"NO ONE UNDERSTANDS ME!!!" or, "Why vegetation is generally a poor interlocutor"

Me: The strong shall survive! That is their lot—the weak shall perish, that is theirs. Who am I too interfere with evolution, with the motivating force of world development? I am but a bubble gliding along the top of a tidal wave! All of human action is but the vibration of a fiddle-string plucked by an arbitrary quantum fiddler! I vibrate back and forth, forth and back—I am motionless!

Garden: Geez man, cut the pretentious b.s. If you’re too lazy to weed me, just say so.

Me: Oh no, no. Not laziness. Not at all. That evolution-fiddler thing I was saying. That's... that's... I think I’ll go have a coke. Later dude.


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