Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The post wherein I take a consciously contrarian stance in order to challenge the bourgeoisie assumptions of the immiserated masses

Flies most certainly DO NOT vomit every time they land. This little bit of elementary school playground lore is a patent untruth. Need I remind you that “every time” is a categorical statement? Am I to believe that even when a fly alights for the briefest fraction of a second on a random surface, it takes the time to upchuck and then rechuck?

Impossible, I say. Impossible. When a fly is circling around the same area, say, when it lands repeatedly on your twitching hand, is it really vomiting EVERY time?

Flies may vomit SOMETIMES, a minority of the times, when they land, but certainly not EVERY TIME. Such is a blatant untruth.


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