Friday, July 14, 2006

We regret the error

In a post a long while back I said, or at least insinuated, that the Black Student Union is exclusively black. Actually (and somewhat non-eponymously you could say) it isn't. They do allow white membership, I believe.

However, I don't believe this affects my original point, which I assume was something along the lines of "Diversity...yeeeaARARRGHGHHH."

update: Although I probably don't need to point out to regular readers of this blog that opposition to Diversity qua multiculturalist ideology is not intrinsically racist, I found a helpful analogy to explain this distinction to those who don't see it:

Being opposed to "Diversity" no more means you are opposed to true difference than being opposed to libertarianism means you are opposed to liberty. Rather, it may just be that one feels that liberty can be better expressed through the competing traditions of liberalism or conservatism. So, if you hate libertarians it doesn’t mean you hate liberty, it just means your sane.

Similarly, being opposed to "Diversity" simply means being opposed to the ideological manifestation claiming that name, which is currently tapeworming its way through higher-ed into the society at large.


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