Saturday, September 16, 2006

Has the irony threshold been reached?

When I saw that the Pope was under fire for unearthing some byzantine Byzantine text referring to Islam as "evil and inhuman" (I haven't read the speech yet, so I don't know the context, level of endorsement, or ultimate point), I immediately began the irony threshold count down. How long until the reaction against the Pope's quoted reference to Islam as "evil and inhuman" enraged some Muslims so much that they responded with evil and inhuman acts.

Well, this comes close to evil, I should say:

Bertone said the pontiff sought in his university speech to condemn all religious motivation for violence, "from whatever side it may come. But the pope's words only seemed to fan rage.

In West Bank attacks on four churches, Palestinians used guns, firebombs and lighter fluid, leaving church doors charred and walls scorched by flames and pocked with bullet holes. Nobody was reported injured. Two Catholic churches, an Anglican one and a Greek Orthodox one were hit. A Greek Orthodox church was also attacked in Gaza City.

Does that do it for the irony threshold, or do I have to wait for actual reprisal killings? I think I'm entitled to at least a little irony buzz, but either way its only a matter of time, so I guess I'll be patient and wait.


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